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Saint-Denis, from North to south

Photographs and embroidery. Inkjet printing and cotton thread.

Presented at the
POPOP Gallery

372 rue Sainte-Catherine W. Space 442

May 11-14, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Closing event : May 14 from 5 p.m.

"I had asked my sister to choose a place. A place she loves, where she feels good. A place where we would go, together, to take pictures to inspire me in my next project. I wanted, through this concept, to share a moment with her and get to know her differently.

Having lived several years abroad, my sister chose "Montreal"! Yes, it's vast, but she had an idea in mind: cross the island on foot, from north to south, taking rue Saint-Denis. A small pilgrimage that we had already made with our father when we were children. »

This first exhibition by Florence Leblanc Dubois addresses the personal link she maintains with the territory. More particularly, the artist cultivates a curiosity for what this iconic street can represent for anyone who has lived there and cultivates memories there. She therefore invites the spectator to walk this street through her works and her imagination, also inviting them to immerse themselves in their own memories, to slow down, and to observe landscapes they know well in a different way.


Combining silver photography and embroidery on paper, Florence creates slowly. Inspired by the moments of sweetness brought to her by people, places, stories, memories, she invites the other to let themselves be transported in a warm intimacy.


I would like to thank the Young Volunteers Program of the Government of Quebec, L'impressionie, center d'artistes, La Galerie Popop, Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois, my mentor, as well as Marianne Leblanc Dubois, my big sister.

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