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Inkjet print on Verona 300 paper and cotton thread.
16" x 21½"

Photograph taken with a film camera (Minolta SRT200 x Portra 400) then embroidered with cotton thread. Single work.


This work is sold unframed. Contact the artist if you want information or advice.




Work part of the exhibitionSAINT-DENIS, from north to south.


“I had asked my sister to choose a place. A place she loves, where she feels good. A place where we would go, together, to take pictures to inspire me in my next project. I wanted, through this concept, to share a moment with her and get to know her differently.

Having lived several years abroad, my sister chose "Montreal"! Yes, it's vast, but she had an idea in mind: cross the island on foot, from north to south, taking rue Saint-Denis. A small pilgrimage that we had already made with our father when we were children. »...more

Feu rouge (Stoplight)

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